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To improve your visit to our site, take a minute and upgrade your browser. The University of Pennsylvania has the least distinctive identity of any prestigious college in America. It has a robust Greek scene, but nothing compared to a state school. News rankings—from nineteenth place in to eighth in the latest round—but it remains a second-tier Ivy, and many students have a chip on their shoulder. On Halloween—which happened to fall on Homecoming weekend—I went to investigate. A few minutes later, a brother appears, looking relieved. Philly is cracking down on open containers, but the party can go on—for now. The lights are switched off. The music entreats students to put their hands up. Dixie cups of vodka and Solo cups of PBR are passed around again.

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Ithaca College expects all executive officers, faculty, staff and student employees together referenced in this policy as “employee s ” to avoid conflicts of interest and conflicts of commitment as defined below related to the performance of their obligations to the College. This statement identifies the College’s policies in relation to conflicts of interest and commitment and contains its compliance requirements.

These policies establish standards of conduct designed to maintain academic, research, and business integrity. They are intended to heighten employee awareness of situations that present a conflict of interest or of commitment so that potential conflicts may be avoided, or disclosed and properly managed. These policies make every effort to balance the integrity and interests of the College with those of individual employees. They seek not only to help employees identify instances where conflicts might arise, but also to assist employees in eliminating or managing actual conflicts and when possible, to prevent the appearance of conflicts.

I would say dating is really just up to friend groups. I know a lot of guy groups that are way too scared to talk to girls and went their entire freshman.

An individual may provide a report to the College by contacting any of the following people:. You can also make a report to other College employees including staff, faculty, or student employees , but it is important for you to know that—with the exception of confidential resources, explained below— all College employees who become aware of incidents or allegations of sexual misconduct have a responsibility to report the matter to the Title IX Coordinator.

Reports to the College should include as much information as possible, to enable the College to respond appropriately. Information provided to the Title IX Coordinator must include all relevant details, including the name of the individual reporting the allegation of sexual misconduct, the name s of the person s accused of the misconduct, other people involved in the incident, and the date, time, and location of the incident.

Reports can be made by telephone, via email, or in person. Some individuals may wish to keep their concerns confidential or are not prepared to make a report, but still want to seek information and support. Such individuals may speak with a confidential resource. These confidential resources can be used as a resource for individuals regardless of whether the individual chooses to report to the College.

The College will accept anonymous reports of sexual misconduct. The individual making the report is encouraged to provide as much detailed information as possible to allow the College to investigate the report and respond as appropriate. The College may be limited in its ability to investigate an anonymous report unless sufficient information is provided to enable the College to conduct a meaningful and fair investigation.

Find full details of reporting sexual misconduct to the College in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

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Members of the Kishwaukee College community, guests, and visitors have the right to be free from gender-based or sexual misconduct, as well as from domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. College procedures pertaining to gender-based or sexual misconduct are contained in the Student Code of Conduct located online link , in the college catalog and in the Director of Student Success office. Confidential resources are available to provide support services to victims. It is recommended that a confidential resource be consulted prior to making a formal report.

Student Code of Conduct. Comprehensive Policy Related to Sexual Misconduct. Kishwaukee College Definition of Consent. The College has partnered with Safe Passage to provide confidential advisor services to students affected by sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

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An individual may report the incident without disclosing their name, identifying a Claimant or a Respondent, or requesting any action. The Title IX Coordinator will receive the anonymous Report and will determine any appropriate steps, including individual or community remedies as appropriate. Additionally, a Reporter can make a Report disclosing their name but requesting confidentiality.

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Public Safety is open 24 hours. Please call Public Safety to speak with an emergency counselor after regular business hours. Confidential resources allow you to explore your options without making a report to the College. Confidential, survivor-centered help is always available:. Collecting and preserving evidence is important even if you choose not to report the incident s at this time. What is sexual assault? In New Jersey, sexual assault is the legal term to define what is most commonly referred to as rape.

Sexual assault is defined as any act of penetration by a penis, hand, finger or other object vaginal, oral or anal performed or perpetrated by another without mutual consent or with the inability of one party to consent due to age, mental or physical incapacitation. Sexual assault, as defined by the U. A campus sexual assault study by the U. Department of Justice found that around 1 in 5 women are targets of attempted or completed sexual assault while they are college students, compared to about 1 in 16 college men.

The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network reports that college-aged women are four times more likely than any other age group to face sexual assault. Each year schools disclose the number of sexual assaults reported on campus in their annual security reports, and to the U.

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The resources here are confidential sometimes anonymous. These resources will not disclose your identity or the substance of your conversation to the College, in the absence of imminent risk of harm to self or others. Confidential providers may also have an evidentiary privilege that prevents them from being compelled to testify in a court proceeding.

Also, California law requires some medical providers to report to law enforcement if they believe injuries have resulted from assaultive or abusive conduct. You may ask the provider about these legal obligations.

When you go to the College Confidential site, you can specifically look for forums related to a certain university. I was eventually able to talk to.

Read on for the straight dirt on partying, managing stress, Greek life and the ubiquity of Tinder, as told to Tom Coulter. My first year, I was immediately surrounded by people who loved to party. Because I came from a top 10 high school in the country, my expectations going in were I would crush it. I worked really hard in high school, but at soon as I came here, my life just really revolved around drugs and alcohol.

I was already really big on it in high school … then I go to college and kind of found the friends that smoked pot and drank a lot. Pretty much most of the people that I was around smoked pot, so that was a way we all came to know each other and build our friendships. Procrastination is pretty big in college. You find so many people awake at 4 a. I kinda messed up my freshman year, to be honest. After school every day in middle school and high school, I would go straight to practice, come home tired, eat, do homework and sleep, like all my friends did that played sports.

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Follow this category via RSS. A high school student wants the community to provide feedback on her chances of being admitted to Williams. They also generally provide a mass of irrelevant data. The same advice applies to most elite colleges. Please read How Admissions Works at Williams. First, estimate your Academic Rating and provide the key evidence behind that estimate.

Any individual can make an anonymous Report of a violation of the College’s to allegations of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking.

These individuals are on-campus and are available for individuals to discuss incidents and issues related to sex discrimination, sexual misconduct, and gender-based violence on a confidential basis. The many resources available can sometimes be overwhelming. The Confidential Advocate can provide information, assist with navigating the many options available, and provide improved access to resources. The Confidential Advocate is available to students and employees, and all services are free of charge.

The Confidential Advocate is a confidential resource, meaning that assistance can be received without placing the College on notice of a specific incident. If you do not reach someone by phone, please use email. Hours at the Campus Wellness Center: Monday 9am – 2 pm and 3pm to 7 pm ; Tuesday 9 am – 1 pm ; Thursday 9 am to 1 pm ; Friday 9 am to 12 pm.

Visit the Mental Health Counseling webpage. The Mental Health Counselor can provide emotional support as you process the many options available, and can offer confidential personal counseling, consultation, and coaching to help improve mental health and wellness.


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