Dancing On Ice’s Alex Murphy is ‘dating YouTuber Kleiny after meeting on Celebrity Coach Trip’

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Indian YouTubers are making videos about Tinder like nobody’s business

Amy Ordman and Jack Dodge, your new gay best friends, are intrigued by one thing – the straight agenda. The ultimate straight man, he once went on 30 first dates in a single evening, and he has a lot to say about them. Jack is also addicted to first dates – sometimes going on multiple in one day. Amy, picky and cautious, has gone on three first dates. We talk with Nick about the differences of dating before and after being The Bachelor, as well as quizzing him on who he remembers from his season.

Nick, will you accept this rose?

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YouTube is better than reality TV. There’s something so entertaining about following people you don’t even know IRL. Maybe, it’s because they actually want us to tune in. They give us the sort of access that celebrities don’t and that’s what makes YouTubers so relatable. It’s not weird for you to know everything about your favorite vlogger: who they live with, what their bedroom looks like and even who they’re dating.

It’s like you know them so well that even when they’re single, you end up totally shipping them with one another. The crazy part is that sometimes those ships actually become reality. People with the same interests sometimes tend to fall for each other, so it’s no shock that so many YouTubers have hooked up with other vloggers. Whether it was for the “clout” or for love, here’s a list of some recent YouTube couples. Jana are officially married, or at the very least had a wedding.

The two tied the knot during a ceremony in Las Vegas after dating for only two months. Jake and Tana’s relationship was first revealed when the two were photographed talking at a party together. They then began to upload video collabs on both of their YouTube channels.

YouTuber Psychodrama Reaches Dark New Depths

Hey there, love-lorn YouTube fan or creator. Even on vacations. Also, I vlog, so prepare to have a camera in your face during dates and fun adventures sometimes! Let us enjoy it. As for me, YouTube is my lesbian lover.

YouTuber David Dobrik recently admitted he was single but his dating roster is kind of an interesting list. See who the vlogger has dated in the.

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A YouTuber Admitted To Faking His Girlfriend’s Death To Promote Their Joint Channel

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But some of the older TikTok stars are rumored to be dating reality with children and younger siblings of famous musicians and YouTubers.

YouTubers Cyrus and Another YouTube couple calls it quits Sorry, Cyrina fans. Cyrus Dobre and his wife Christina Kalamvokis-Dobre have decided to end their two-year marriage. The social media stars released a new video on their joint channel Cyrus and Christina revealing to fans that they broke up. Add to Chrome.

Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. News Break YouTubers Cyrus and Christina Cyrus YouTube. The Osbournes may be one of the world’s more famous families, thanks to their hit s reality TV show, The Osbournes. The show, which ran from , aired on MTV and showed the wild antics of the family along with dealing with having Black Sabbath’s frontman, Ozzy Osbourne, as the head of the household.

Dating Straight

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Paul and Mongeau got what they wanted out of their marriage: clout, relevance, and cash. But it also provided months of continuous updates from the network of influencer drama Instagram accounts and YouTube channels dedicated to the byzantine relationships between people who live their lives for content.

she dating and what are her social media handles? Here’s the lowdown. Corinna Kopf is a known YouTuber and Instagram star from America.

In , Adams became an on-air host and producer for Clevver , an online pop culture media company. Adams later left Clevver in , citing questionable business practices. As of February , his videos have received an average of 3. Adams has been dating YouTuber Shane Dawson since In March , they became engaged after Dawson proposed to Adams. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American YouTuber. Creator Awards. The Verge. Retrieved February 20,

Ryland Adams

YouTube’s growth as a platform for self expression and raw honesty has made it a destination for young people looking to have real conversations about topics that affect their lives. When people with intellectual disabilities assert their own narratives outside of YouTube, they are often seen as not having the ability to discuss their own experiences. People with physical disabilities are also often discouraged from talking candidly about their every day lives through uncomfortable glances that warn their disability is not something to discuss.

Vloggers with disabilities are boldly fighting against this stigma — and they are using YouTube to help. The video platform has become an essential medium for people with various disabilities to share their experiences, talking fearlessly about their everyday lives.

| Dating & Relationship Coach.

A popular and controversial YouTuber based in Toronto has admitted to lying about his girlfriend dying in a car accident in a video he posted last week. In it, Ethier admitted his girlfriend, Alexia Marano, is very much alive and claimed that she’s now “trying to ruin [his] life. It’s unclear where the alleged police report was filed. The drama began last Tuesday when the YouTuber announced in a now-deleted, monetized video that Marano had died after being hit by a drunk driver.

In the video, Ethier appears upset and seems to wipe away tears. He also recruited a friend to film him at a fake memorial site for Marano on the side of a road. He also mentioned her plans for their joint channel, Dream Team. According to YouTube commentator channels and their screenshots , the initial fake video had racked up at least , views. The video caused immediate suspicion within the YouTube community. User SomeOrdinaryGamers made a video where he recorded a phone call in which a Toronto police officer says the department has no record of death for anyone named Alexia Marano.

Then, later in the week, Ethier deleted that video and subsequent stunts like one where he summons Marano using a Ouija board — all of which were monetized — and published the admission.


New YouTuber popularity rankings provide an insight into what the younger generation now wants from online influencers. This is according to a poll carried out by Childwise, which found that the US vlogger has knocked previous favourite YouTuber Zoella off the top spot in the popularity rankings among five to year-olds. So, does this signal a new era of social media influencing, with young people more likely to respond to riskier posts?

Since breaking up with ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy, David has kept things low-key and also trolls his fans relentlessly with information on who he is dating. Rumours​.

Who has he dated in the past? However, he debunked many of these claims while quarantining over the last few months. News about his supposed and comedic connection with Madison on May 5. He also touched on his close bond with his assistant during the interview … in a joking way. He has yet to address the Addison rumors , which began when he did a TikTok with her in April. The popular YouTuber said he was pumping the breaks on dating in August Maybe in like four or five years.

I could be lying. So, for now, the funny guy seems to be up for grabs — though he may not exactly want to be grabbed at the moment. He filed for divorce from Lorraine in June — and it seems David may have actually learned a little something from the experience. Also, he was right about Jake and Tana; They split in January The duo started dating back in and were together for three years before announcing their split in June As much as I hate to admit it, I was feeling it on my side too.

We did nothing to each other to cause a breakup.

10 YouTube Couples Who Have Hooked Up At Some Point

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YouTuber Gabbie Hanna’s REAL TALK About Dating And CALLS OUT YouTubers?! Updated: Oct 18, “I know that if they stick around knowing I’m not.

Due to its uniqueness, the mispronunciation of Elliott’s username most common examples include Muscle-k and Moose-lick is a recurring gag in many of his collaboration videos, which he later adapted into his everyday humor. Muselk was famous for his live commentary of playing Team Fortress 2. More recently, he has gained popularity due to his Fortnite videos. He has played Subnautica Survival for three videos.

His first playlist is called Tutorials. However, recently he has been posting Fortnite and does occasional Overwatch videos from time to time.

11 of the most surprising relationships between celebrities and TikTok stars

Happy Monday: Romance is alive and well in the terrifying wasteland of haul videos that is YouTube! Because content , Tana announced the exciting news on her Instagram Story, revealing the giant diamond ring that Jake proposed with. Meanwhile, Tana confirmed the news on Twitter and said that she was not, in fact, joking around. A post shared by tana mongeau tanamongeau on Jun 23, at pm PDT.

United States.

Another YouTube couple calls it quits Sorry, Cyrina fans. Cyrus Dobre and his wife Christina Kalamvokis-Dobre have decided to end their two-year marriage.

Subscriber Account active since. The “Tiger Beat” of is playing out on TikTok, where all the drama of famous teenage relationships is contained in soundbites shorter than a minute. If you follow the top TikTokers, you’re probably already familiar with couples like year-old Charli D’Amelio , the biggest star on the platform, and year-old Chase Hudson, or “lilhuddy. But some of the older TikTok stars are rumored to be dating reality celebrities from before TikTok even existed, while other TikTokers have confirmed relationships with children and younger siblings of famous musicians and YouTubers.

Some Gen Z celebrities with big TikTok presences, like year-old JoJo Siwa , have never confirmed a relationship at all — but rumors are still pervasive. Here are all the most surprising dates and relationships of famous TikTokers. Both Easterling who also goes by Addison Rae and Dobrik have been linked to numerous potential significant others, although both say they are currently single.

Easterling has long been rumored to be dating Sway House another TikTok collective besides the Hype House, which she’s a part of member Bryce Hall, although in February she said they were just friends. Dobrik has long been rumored to be dating his assistant Natalie Mariduena, although both have denied the speculation. But recent collaborations including during quarantine between Easterling and Dobrik have prompted some fans to suspect that the two may be an item, especially because Easterling referred to Dobrik as “sexy” in the caption of a TikTok collab.


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